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At Hasta architects, we see architecture as a means.A means to enhance the human experience.

We think of structures as places where humans experience emotion. Where they achieve creative breakthroughs. Where they live life and comfort one another. Where performance is both performed and witnessed. Where memories occur. Architecture is a backdrop to all of these experiences. Our philosophy is to make it great, every single time.

Our designs break away from cookie-cutter design and traditional aesthetics. It strives to create designs that go beyond “standard” ideas and instead pursue projects inspired by layout, location, and function

Designs are typically free of clutter and unnecessary elements. The goals of the project are clarified at the start, and only the features that are required are included in the design.

in many of our designs, you will find strong linear elements and bold horizontal and vertical features. Beams, posts, cutouts, windows, staircases, roof lines, and other structural elements all assist the architect in creating a linear-inspired space.

Our designs deconstruct traditional structures and are characterized by the simplification of form. It does not necessarily follow convention or symmetry - rather, it concentrates on clean lines. It is original, highly personalized and has a sense of play.

Architectural and Interior Design of
  • -> Commercial
  • -> Offices
  • -> Residential
  • -> Hotels
  • -> Hospitality
  • -> Schools
  • -> Apartments

Our Team

Principal Architect
Received his bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree from BMS College of engineering, VTU in 2004
H.Vijay kumar
Received his bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree from BVB College of engineering, VTU in 2008
Interior Designer
Received her Degree in interior designing (B.Sc) from INIFD, Bangalore in 2008
Tausif Ahmed
Asst Engineer
Received his diploma in civil from Sanjay gandhi polytechnic College, VTU in 2011
Sagar mahadev
Site Engineer
Received his bachelor of engineering in civil from Gulbarga university in 1990
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