6 Beautiful Pooja Room Designs

Featured here are 6 beautiful and unique pooja room designs by Indian interior architects and interior designers at homify. Pooja or prayer rooms are designed to create a sacred space where we send our prayer vibrations to the Gods we adore. It is a place where we conduct rituals to show honour and reverence for our creators. We adorn our shrines with gold, glitter and fragrant flowers; we light up lamps and incenses, creating an island of calm where we join our hands in prayer to the divine beings in which our faith lies.

Simple Pooja Room Design


This simple pooja room design is highlighted by an elegant background panel and soft lighting. The overall design and lighting give this pooja room a spiritual glow that resonates with the vibrations which created this world.This pooja room radiates with serenity, calm, and will put you into a deep meditative trance.

Unique Pooja Room Design


This unique pooja room design is awe-inspiring, and cultivates fiery devotion. The fiery lights highlight the stained glass on the ceiling. The stained glass depicts the sun, the source of life, casting a spectrum of pure light throughout the cosmos. If there is such a thing as a materialisation of a spiritual awakening, this must be it.

A Platform for Prayer


This platform for prayer is designed to be integrated into the main living area or dining area. Pooja rooms are auspicious, and send positive vibes throughout the home, hence it is not surprising that many people choose to make it the sacred center of their home.

The main altar is supported by a wooden platform which is atypical of Hindu shrines, making it unique. While the wooden platform on the floor creates a niche space where one can sit on the floor to pray or kneel in worship. In essence, the use of wood in the pooja room design seems to speak about staying grounded in spirituality, and is humble yet elegant.

Modern Pooja Room Design


This modern pooja room design is very minimalist, and creates a space and mind that is clear of clutter and ideal for spiritual reflection.The mirror in the background reflects the natural light shining through the window and creates a spacious room. A soft limelight envelops the idols creating a peaceful ambiance. Imagine listening to devotional songs and meditative chants in this tranquil space.

Given that this altar is rather small and may not have the space to hold all the precious collections of idols and deities a religious collector might have, creating showcase shelves in the pooja room might be a good idea.

Prayer Zone


This elegantly designed prayer corner is ideal for houses with space constraints.Tucked away cosily in a corner of the living room, a wooden panel with organic patterns divides the hall from this oasis of calm. A niche space for prayer can easily be designed to fit your home no matter how small it may be.

For those of us who prefer to keep our our religious beliefs more private, this prayer cabinet keeps our faith in the mysterious a mystery. The golden motifs on the cabinet aptly express the precious beliefs that are materialised inside.

Traditional Pooja Room Design


This traditional pooja room design almost seems like a replica of a quaint little temple in the village. Like many temples, it is designed with tiling around the door frame, and has a bright doorway that guides us to the right path.The dark tiles contrasted with the bright interior is intriguing. While the window placed right above the deity allows natural light to illuminate the room, and also provides good ventilation for all the smoky rituals that are due to take place.

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