The facade comes before the house

Some architectural works are a treat to the sight of anyone. The large, unusual spaces, large windows that flood the light houses, forms unusual to perceive the vast gardens that surround the pools that make us dream … And the facades ever dedicated to observation of these facades beautiful houses? Join us on this trip and get to know what aspects to consider when we appreciate the facade of a house. Come on!

Stone facades and cement

The combination of different textures is always something exciting, first because we know that there will be diversity and then because we always want to know how the textures are combined. The following example is very fortunate since extensive stone surface, which exists as the ground floor and the top floor, the white wall and wooden structure, match perfectly. Once again the outer space adds dynamic – palm trees and tropical plants is always a plus when dealing with houses like this! – Making it not only pleasant sight but also inviting.

Houses on one floor we want to live


This is a house that makes us dream. First because a window of these is something charming, because after that pala we see not only a plus the aesthetic level but is also the reason that makes us think of long summer afternoons in the shade. Very minimalist lines and a surrounding space with very little noise, this facade is certainly something to hold. Oh the wonderful homes … What do they make us dream!

Modern facade in Portuguese


Let’s start with a magnificent example made ​​in Portugal . Yes, because the idea that good things only exist out there is very outdated and there as you can see by this facade are super at the cutting edge . A large work of art, this two-story house has both lush and mysterious. A pointed protrusion points to the sky and makes us travel, the minute construction in stone and frosted glass windows compel us not to look away. A combination of super modern and the traditional super result in marriage, without a doubt, ingenious.

Facades adorned with flowers


If you think about it, something that can make the facade of an even more beautiful home is the space that surrounds it. If you have a well-tended garden and some colorful flowers, simple as it is the facade of your home this will always become special. Watch the example we give a simple facade and straight lines – nothing to point! – To which the front yard gives new life and color. Now you know, look at the façade, but also look at the garden.

Four facades on a


When we look at the facade of the house, the first thing that stands out is the fact that we see four different surfaces. On the ground floor we have a gray facade interrupted by the gate of a garage, which features different shades of brown and a window. On the second floor a façade of wooden slats brown horizontally, where there is a long window and a kind of illustration of a tree. Finally, on the top floor we have not only a facade, but two, a first black wooden slats horizontally and the second right on the white and with a vertical window. Wow! It’s very facade only a facade, right?

Japanese inspiration


The gate which occupies much of the facade of this house immediately brings us to an oriental imagination. Very fine grids and with little spacing is it that makes this particular facade, with a lighting tastefully, where warm colors prevail, this is a house that is distinguished by its uniqueness.

Interrupted facades


This is another example of how the exterior shapes our perception of the facade of a house. With a kind of porch along the river, our vision is inevitably prey not only the facade of the house as the porch. Outer space exists in line with the house and therefore it makes sense to be seen as a whole. It is always important to appreciate a facade have regard to outer space.

Agglomeration of geometric shapes


This is indeed a house depending on your point of view that we may have different facades. An agglomeration of geometric shapes in different colors and textures makes this house and its façade, of course, an object of curiosity and mystery to those who pass. We suspect whenever we turn to the next corner will show a new volume, it will surprise.

A giant cube


This is another house wrapped in mystery. At the same time reminds us of one bunker in the open also takes us away from this hostile idea for having in front of a beautiful tree, with long green branches and a kind of very friendly hedge, with wooden slats. It is indeed a facade with immense charisma that can not be consensual in the eyes of everybody, but one thing is certain, it is impossible to pass and not look.

Dollhouse on a large scale


Looking at the facade of this house, we are overwhelmed by a feeling of tenderness. She’s so arranjadinha we can think of dollhouses. In shades of white, cream and black is a house that breathes calm, we feel like living here because we have the feeling that every day will be felt as vacation days or rest. A house these for each of us! It would be a dream come true, do not you agree?

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