Bhuvi – Contemporary Home For A Serene & Sophisticated Lifestyle

It is human tendency to make perceptions about anything based on the first impression. And when it comes to “Home Sweet Home”, it’s not just about creating a good first impression, but a long lasting one.

A home is the most explicit reflection of a homeowner, as a person, his behavioural personality, and the kind of lifestyle he prefers. And that’s why, at Hasta Architects, we believe that your home is directly an impression created on your guests about you.

Bhuvi – Elegant New Beginnings

Bhuvi is one of our most cherished projects, aesthetically planned and meticulously optimized. Our client was curiously waiting for new beginnings at his dream house and we wanted every brick and mortar to reflect the novelty of his thoughts, our great planning, and precise execution.

The client wanted a contemporary designed house that could combine contextuality and functionality in the structure and could promote comfort, privacy, and connection to nature, at the same time. His idea of dream house was to have private yet self-sufficient design, spread across different spaces inside the house, including:

  • Living room
  • Open kitchen and dining, separated from living room
  • Office room
  • Parents room
  • Kids room
  • Pooja room at the ground floor
  • 2 Master Bedrooms with Spa toilets
  • Home Theatre
  • Open terrace garden
  • UPS room

When Convenience, Style & Luxury Was Put Together  

Lavish interiors and trending decor styles together make the luxury homes distinct and that’s how our client and we wanted “Bhuvi” to be. The living room was intricately designed with a double height space and skylight as the highlight. The stone cladding wall mural on the Pooja wall, MS fabricated staircase with wood tops and vertical garden near the dining and the living, makes the interiors look surreal. The pooja room was brilliantly designed in a way to distribute the space between the living and the dining without interrupting the flow pattern.

Every room in this house enjoys a layout that maximizes space and minimizes wastage, along with keeping luxury at the top of the list. The large spacious bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes and spacious attached toilets; spa with a waterfall bathtub along with steam unit and shower area and hydraulic elevator prioritizes convenience over everything and yet maintains the fine balance between style and substance.

The beautiful terrace garden with drip irrigation facility and tensile fabric roof along the seating area gives the exterior a curb appeal, keeping in mind that whether you’ve been working from home or relaxing by the terrace garden after a hard day, Bhuvi will fulfil all your dreams for the new beginnings.

At Hasta Architects, we continue to push the envelope and reimagine how we can live by using innovative designs with simple aesthetics and a touch of luxury, promoting your serene and sophisticated lifestyle.

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